Albany Medical College

Macrophages as regulators of hematopoiesis during infection and in bone marrow failure

June 24, 2020

Dr. Kate MacNamara received her Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania, completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Gary Winslow, and established her lab at Albany Medical College in 2011. Their broad research goal is to define mechanisms that regulate hematopoiesis during inflammatory states. In models of infection, disease, and aging they have defined direct and indirect impacts of inflammatory molecules, including interferons, on sculpting hematopoietic programs. They are also investigating how blood production influences pathogenesis and host defense. Their ultimate goals are to ameliorate the negative impact of inflammatory stress on hematopoiesis and improve host defense through modulating blood production.


hematopoiesis, inflammation, interferons, macrophages, infection

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