University of Michigan Medical School

Adventures in Blood Clotting; or, How I Learned to Love Polyphosphate

April 30, 2020

Since the mid-1980s, my research has focused on biochemical mechanisms by which the blood clotting system is triggered, with a particular emphasis on studying protein-membrane interactions in clotting. In 2006, my lab discovered that inorganic polyphosphate, which is released from activated human platelets, is a potent modulator of blood clotting and inflammation. Work from my lab has led to a number of spin-offs with potential clinical applications, including new diagnostic assays. We are also working on novel hemostatic agents for treating bleeding, and anti-inflammatory/anti-thrombotic agents with potential for reduced bleeding side effects relative to conventional anticoagulant drugs.


blood clotting, tissue factor, factor VII, polyphosphate

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