Hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell fate specification in health and disease

March 23, 2020

Diane Krause is a physician scientist and international leader in studies of adult stem cells and leukemia. Her research laboratory has made major discoveries regarding the transcriptional regulation of hematopoiesis with an emphasis on megakaryocyte fate specification and maturation as well as platelet function. Breakthroughs include isolation and single cell analysis of bipotent primary human megakaryocytic-erythroid progenitors (MEP) include single cell RNA sequencing and timelapse microscopy allowing visualization of single cells as they undergo cell division and fate decisions.

She is Director of the Yale Cooperative Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology and Medical Director of the Cell Transplantation Laboratory for clinical bone marrow transplantation s well as the Advanced Cell Therapy GMP laboratory for clinical cell therapy trials.


hematopoiesis, megakaryocytes, MEP, fate decisions

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