#BloodandBone Social Hours- Spilling the Tea

From the outset, we have been amazed by the response to #BloodandBone and the number of people that have been tuning in for talks each day. The downside to this was that we had to opt for a webinar format, which meant that whilst the community was growing (713 members at last count), we were missing vital interactions that we’d get at conferences. That’s why we decided to instigate weekly social hours. These are good way to make connections with the #BloodandBone community and virtually meet new people.

How do they work? The simple answer is that they are just like a regular Zoom meeting but filled with people across the globe in different time zones.

What happens? There is no fixed agenda but normally we start talking about the seminar that has just happened/that weeks’ talks. We tend to check in and see how people are coping with he pandemic in their part of the world and go from there. You can bring along a drink of your choice (sorry we can’t provide this…). In recent weeks, we’ve been talking about jobs, arts & crafts, staycations and the resident ghosts in our homes.

When are they? The original happy hour is Fridays at 2Pm EST (7PM GMT) and to reach out to our friends in Asia & Australia on Wednesday’s 7am EST (12PM BST 9PM AEDT).

Who can join? Anyone and everyone can come along.

Do I have to talk? No, come along and experience it. There’s no hierarchy or expectations but everyone is super friendly.

Why should I join? It’s a great opportunity to talk to other scientists and build networks. Personally, I think it will help me to break the ice when I’m at that next science conference and I’m looking for a familiar face to talk to.

I know it can be daunting to sign in when you don’t know who is present but rest assured, you’ll be made to feel very welcome.

Join here: #BloodandBone Social Hour


Meeting ID: 841 2862 9225

Password: 2QVJXn

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